Exothermic Aura

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Exothermic Aura is a psi ability and a status effect.

Psi ability

Exothermic Aura icon

Exothermic Aura
Metathermics (70 skill required)
Makes you immune to heat damage and generates flames around you in your wake. Lasts 4 turns, but the flames won't be generated on the last turn.

Creatures standing in the fire suffer heat damage equal to 6%-15% of their maximal health (up to maximum of 16-40), plus additional 7-29, depending on the intensity of fire at that spot, while creatures moving through the fire suffer one third of that damage per tile.
Action Points: 25
Psi: 40
Cooldown: 12 turns

Exothermic aura is a Metathermics psi ability the player can learn from a Psionic Mentor.

The fire generated by exothermic aura behaves like other environmetal fires. Its damage does not scale with Metathermics skill.

This is a very useful ability outside of combat, if the player is burning, the exothermic aura dispels the burning effect. If the player needs to traverse into areas with freezing gas, the aura will prevent any hypothermia effects, dispell existing affects, and temporarily remove the freezing gas in an area.

Getting hit by ice metathermic spells such as Cryokinesis will remove Exothermic Aura.


Status effect

Exothermic Aura icon

Exothermic Aura
You are immune to heat damage and generate flames around you in your wake (except on the last turn).
Duration: 4 turns (20 seconds)