Force Emission

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Force Emission icon

Force Emission
Psychokinesis (35 skill required)
While this ability is active, your unarmed and fist weapon attacks deal additional 8-17 mechanical damage, but at the cost of 5 psi points per attack.
Psi: 5 (for each attack)

Force Emission is a toggle-able buff that adds an on-hit effect to your unarmed and fist weapon attacks. This on-hit effect deals damage at the cost of psi points. Being an on-hit effect, it does nothing on missed attacks. Toggling the buff costs no psi or action points and has no cooldown.

Its damage scales with effective Psychokinesis skill, starting at 5-10 and increasing by 0.1-0.2 for each point in psychokinesis. It cannot critically hit.

Effective skill Damage
0 Mechanical: 5-10
35 Mechanical: 8-17
50 Mechanical: 10-20
100 Mechanical: 15-30
150 Mechanical: 20-40
200 Mechanical: 25-50
250 Mechanical: 30-60
300 Mechanical: 35-70

Telekinetic Proxy will mimic this psi ability (cause it to strike twice) if the target is within the proxy's radius.

Any modifiers that apply to psi abilities, such as those from Psychosis and Tranquility, do not apply to force emission, since invoking the force emission ability does nothing but toggle the force emission status effect. Modifiers that apply to melee attacks also won't apply to force emission, since it does not inherit anything from the original attack nor alter the attack in any way.

Unlike unarmed and fist weapon attacks, the additional damage inflicted when Force Emission is active does not bypass any percentage of an enemy's energy shield.


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  • Force Emission was reworked in alpha version to also work with fist weapons, but no longer provide extra range.