Psycho-temporal Contraction

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Psycho-temporal Contraction
Temporal Manipulation (55 skill required)
Increases target's action points by 15 and movement points by 30. Lasts 2 turns. After the effect ends, theres a 60% chance of it reversing into a Psychotemporal dilation of varying power.
Psi: 50
Range: 10.0
Cooldown: 6 turns

Psycho-temporal Contraction is a Temporal Manipulation psi ability.


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It does not scale with effective temporal manipulation skill.

Once its effect expires there is a chance for the target to be aflicted by the Psycho-temporal Dilation status with random duration and intensity.

Effective Temporal Manipulation Skill reduces the chances of this occurence to a minimum of 30%.

Effective skill Reversion Probability (%)
55 60
146 31
149 30


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  • - Base psi cost changed to 50 (down from 75)
  • - Now has a high chance of causing its opposite (with randomized power) when it expires.