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Stealth Mode icon

Stealth Mode
You enter stealth mode which allows you to hide from others, but reduces your movement speed by 45%.

To successfully hide from someone, they need to keep out of their sight for a while. Once you are hidden from someone, they will need to pass a perception check to detect you.

Entering the stealth mode in combat will immediately drain all your remaining action and movement points. While in combat your movement points are reduced to 0 and you can receive no extra movement points from any source.

Most hostile actions will immediately remove you from stealth.

Action Points: 10
Cooldown: 2 turns

Stealth Mode is an important gameplay mechanic.


When you enter Stealth Mode you are actively attempting to hide from every other character in the vicinity separately, and each of them is trying to detect you separately. There's a separate indicator of how well you are hidden from each of the characters that appears above them when you enter the stealth mode.

Stealth is not just a situational utility. Investing in stealth skill will also affect different aspects of combat, such as increasing damage of your stealth attacks and providing new defensive mechanisms.


This eye shaped indicator keeps filling up if you are being detected and empties out if you are well hidden to a point where the detection stage of that particular character changes. The detection stages are:

  • Oblivious – enemy is totally unaware of your presence;
  • Suspicious – enemy suspects that someone might be around, but is not sure exactly where;
  • Alert – enemy is certain that there is someone stalking them (or they have seen and fought you but you've managed to restealth somehow). The enemy will also have a general sense of the stalker's location;
  • Aware – enemy can see you (you are a valid target now);
  • Aware – (pulsing) enemy spots you automatically (stealth below instant detection threshold);
  • Trueseeing – (pulsing) enemy has true-sight. Cannot be hidden from.

Different enemies may react differently to each of these states. For instance, if a civilian finds out he is being stalked he might panic and run, while on the other hand an experienced soldier might throw a stun grenade in your general direction in order to pull you out of stealth. That is how you are destealthed - by suffering some hostile action such as taking damage or being stunned. Bumping into someone will also cause the stealther to stumble out of stealth.

The speed at which these detection stages will rise or fall in your enemies as you sneak past them depends your stealth skill and their detection, (which is derived mainly from their perception), but also on illumination, distance and engagement angle (being behind your opponent is much safer, while being directly a few feet in front of your opponent will almost always result in them detecting you no matter how good at sneaking you are). If your stealth is less than 40% of enemy's detection rating, you will be detected instantly at maximum range.


You cannot start hiding from someone who has you in their sight. You'll need to hide out of line of sight before entering stealth. Against hostiles, you must incapacitate enemies or stay out of sight for a number of turns (around 5) until they stop chasing you.

The Vanishing Powder Grenade introduced in version is an exception to this and a powerful tool for stealth characters.

Affected by

Both effective stealth skill and real-time movement speed are important factors in stealth mode effectiveness. Note that from the movement speed reduction from stealth mode stacks multiplicatively with other speed modifiers.

Stealth skill

Agility (affects stealth skill)

Movement speed

Movement speed is also an important factor when sneaking in real-time mode. See Movement#Real-time

Related feats

  • Ambush (increased critical chance per stealth skill point)
  • Blindsiding E (increases damage while in stealth and one turn after exiting stealth)
  • Burglar (increases stealth skill in controlled areas)
  • Cut-Throat (requires unaware target)
  • Interloper (reduces stealth movement speed penalty, allows retaining of some movement points)
  • Nimble (decreases armor penalty)
  • Snipe (requires stealth mode)


Underrail 1.1

  • No changes yet

Underrail 1.0

  • 1.0.3
    • You will no longer hear the sound of NPCs stealthing when you enter an area for the first time, unless you can see them already
    • As long as you haven't been fully detected by a NPC, that NPC's detection will be reduced back to zero when you get back into an area where you've been sneaking
    • You can no longer change armor suit while in stealth or while stealth is on cooldown (on hard difficulty or higher)
    • Dogs will now attempt to bump you out of stealth when the detection gets into ALERTED state, just like human NPCs (on normal difficulty or higher)
    • Crawlers and other NPCs should no longer unwittingly bump their own kind/faction out of stealth
    • When attacking in melee from stealth, target's dodge rating will be ignored if it hasn't detected you yet


    • Increased the amount of stealth penalty applied by Aluminized Cloth
    • Corrected the bug that caused passive things like cameras to de-stealth you when you perform transgressions in their vicinity
    • Minimal stealth requirements (below which player is automatically spotted) reduced
    • Changed stealth detection indicator colors for NPCs:
    • Slowly fading in-and-out silver eye again means true-seeing
    • Slowly fading in-and-out red eye means "stealth too low to hide from this NPC";
    • Changed a bit how stealth works
    • Added a notification when you bump into other characters and fall out of stealth for that reason
    • You no longer remain in stealth after attacking a camera or other passive object