Temporary Rewind

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

Temporary Rewind icon

Temporary Rewind
Temporal Manipulation (60 skill required)
Reverses the last damage done to the target, up to maximum of 140 health points. After two turns this health is lost and this may cause the target to die.
Action Points: 25
Psi: 40
Range: 10.0
Cooldown: 8 turns

Temporary Rewind is a Temporal Manipulation psi ability.


The maximum damage reversal scales with effective temporal manipulation skill. 20 plus 2 per skill point. Damage received at the end of the effect ignores shield and resistances but is be affected by damage reduction

Effective skill Max. Reversal
0 20
50 120
100 220
150 320
200 420
250 520
300 620


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Status effect

Temporary Rewind icon

Temporary Rewind
After this effect ends, the character takes X damage. This damage ignores shields and resistances.
Duration: 3 turns