Temporal Distortion

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

Temporal Distortion icon

Temporal Distortion
Temporal Manipulation (0 skill required)
Places a debuff on the target that lasts 2 turns and deals 5-6 mechanical and 5-6 energy damage when it expires. In the case the target is already affected by temporal distortion, its damage will be increased by 20% and the newly applied temporal distortion will have the same duration and damage bonus. Damage dealt by this ability ignores shield and 50% of damage resistance and threshold. This ability cannot critically hit.
Action Points: 20
Psi: 15
Range: 10.0

Temporal Distortion is a Temporal Manipulation psi ability.


The damage scales with effective temporal manipulation skill.

Effective skill Damage
0 Mechanical: 5-6, Energy: 5-6
50 Mechanical: 8-13, Energy: 8-13
100 Mechanical: 12-21, Energy: 12-21
150 Mechanical: 16-28, Energy: 16-28
200 Mechanical: 20-36, Energy: 20-36
250 Mechanical: 23-43, Energy: 23-43
300 Mechanical: 27-51, Energy: 27-51


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