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Burst icon

Rapidly fires five bullets with reduced precision. This attack also has a chance to miss the primary target, possibly hitting other characters in the line of fire instead. This chance increases with range. This is an unconditional special attack.
Action Points: 300% of active weapon's AP cost
Range: Active weapon's range
For the burst attack of combat shotguns, see Shotgun Burst.

Burst is a special attack that can be performed with select-fire weapons, SMGs and Assault Rifles. With Underrail: Heavy Duty installed it also can be performed with LMGs, and Miniguns.

This is an unconditional special attack, meaning it is a special attack that does not have a cooldown or require special conditions to trigger. As of 1.0.4, special attack damage bonus from Smart Module, Smart Goggles or other sources no longer works with unconditional special attacks. See Category:Unconditional special attacks.

Affected by

These feats and items directly affect burst.


  • Commando grants a free burst attack after killing an opponent with a burst.
  • Concentrated Fire increases damage on successive burst hits.
  • Full-Auto makes bursts 2 rounds longer.
  • Mag Dump HD makes LMG bursts 2 rounds longer, and adds 0.5 extra rounds to minigun bursts for each wind up stack.
  • Spec Ops reduces SMG burst AP cost to 200%.
  • Suppressive Fire causes enemies caught in the burst attack cone to become suppressed.



  • 1.0.4 - is now an unconditional special attack
  • - cooldown (1 turn) removed
  • - introduced


Starting combat from real-time mode with Burst will fire only one shot. This is a known issue that's not easily fixable. As a workaround, enter turn-based mode Enter first. [1]