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Implosion icon

Psychokinesis (70 skill required)
Deals mechanical damage equal to 34% of target's current health. This attack bypasses damage thresholds and shields, but cannot critically hit.
Action Points: 30
Psi: 50
Range: 5.0
Cooldown: 5 turn

Implosion is a Psychokinesis psi ability added in version

The Implosion deals percentage damage equal to the target's current health and bypasses thresholds and shield, but can not critically hit.

Its damage scales with effective Psychokinesis skill, starting at 20% (0 skill) and increasing by 1% per 5 points of psychokinesis. Damage is capped at 75% (275 skill).

Telekinetic Proxy will mimic this psi ability (cause it to strike twice) if the target is within the proxy's radius.


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