Thermodynamic Destabilization

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Thermodynamic Destabilization is a psi ability and a status effect.

Psi ability

Thermodynamic Destabilization icon

Thermodynamic Destabilization
Metathermics (50 skill required)
Afflicts the target with thermodynamical destabilization for 2 turns. If the target is destroyed during this period it explodes, dealing heat and mechanical damage to surrounding characters that (in total) equals 100% of the target's health at the point in which it was afflicted.
Action Points: 10
Psi: 30
Range: 10.0
Cooldown: 5 turns

Thermodynamic Destabilization is a Metathermics psi ability added in version

Its damage scales with your effective Metathermics skill, starting at 30% of the target's health (0 skill), and increasing by 0.5% for each point in metathermics capped at 100%(140 skill). The range of the explosion is the same as that of a HE Grenade.


Status effect

Thermodynamic Destabilization icon

Thermodynamic Destabilization
If this target is destroyed it will explode, dealing X heat and X mechanical damage to the surrounding characters.
Duration: 2 turns

The damage depends on both invoker's Metathermics skill and the target's maximum health.