Retrieve the lost cargo

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Retrieve the lost cargo

Silent Isle.png
Quest information
Location Silent Isle
Given by Dockmaster Silas
Rewards 1500 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
The Wormhole Key (Junkyard)
Related quests

Collect Grover's debt


Find Blaine

After dealing with Grover's debt, Silas asks you to retrieve a lost cargo crate that is believed to be washed up in the shore of Silent Isle.

After completing this mission, Silas finally tells you the secret of "the wormhole" that allows you to access Old Junkyard by giving you The Wormhole Key (Junkyard).


  • Sail with captain Broderick to the island where he believe the lost cargo washed up and retrieve it for Dockmaster Silas


Talk to Broderick in the docks for a ferry to Silent Isle. The Lost Cargo is in the northern shore of the Isle.

Getting to the northern shore might be a bit difficult, because you are under constant assault from unknown psionic powers (and the local wildlife). You can avoid the Strange Feeling debuff and subsequent Doppelgangers by staying in near light sources, be it mindshrooms, thrown flares or something else. The north cave is also a safe spot.