Gang showdown

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Gang showdown

Silas and the Eels.png
Quest information
Location Junkyard
Given by Dockmaster Silas
Rewards 3000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
700 Stygian Coin
Loads of loot
Junkyard's controlling faction changes
Related quests

Plant the explosives

Once the explosives are planted and you are prepared for the upcoming battle, go talk to Silas.

NOTE: If you kill Blaine or reveal the wormhole to scrappers, you cannot do the last quests for Black Eels!


  • Help Silas and the Black Eels take over Scrappers HQ


You are given two options. Either attack from the Depot A entrance with your buddies or join the Black Eels group at the east Depot B gate. As good as flanking sounds, joining the Black Eels is probably the better option if you wish to keep Silas alive; he has a tendency to get himself killed.

You will be able to pick up items from the dead bodies after the fight. After the fight is over go back to the Dock and speak with Silas to complete the quest. If Silas died in the battle, you can speak with Colton instead.