Find Blaine

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Find Blaine

Blaine's shop.png
Quest information
Location Junkyard
Lower Underrail tunnels
Given by Dockmaster Silas
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
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After you've retrieved the lost cargo crate from Silent Isle, Silas asks you to find where an ex-scrapper named Blaine is hiding. He if anyone knows if there are alternative routes into Scrapper HQ from Old Junkyard. He suggests asking from a fellow south gater, Old Jonas, who happens to be an old friend of Blaine.


  • Find Blaine and find out if there's an alternative way into Scrappers HQ from Old Junkyard


You can find Blaine in Lower Underrail tunnels where he keeps a specialty shop. You must learn the secret passcode to get into his shop or hack the electronic lock.

As per Silas' suggestion, you can ask about Blaine from Old Jonas. If you have 35 effective persuasion skill, he will reveal where Blaine is and how to get into his shop. Alternatively, if you previously gave him his lost watch for free, you can convince him without any persuasion.

If you cannot get the information from Old Jonas, you can try asking around in Junkyard slums. Katherine also knows where Blaine actually and how to enter his shop, but she wants money for the information. 35 effective mercantile skill can help you negotiate a better deal with her.