Lunatic Psychopath

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Lunatic Psychopath

Default.png Default l.png
150 (+25)

Lunatic Psychopath.png

Faction Lunatics
Location Emporion Shopping MallHD
Lower UnderrailHD
Upper CavesD
Upper Underrail (up2x basement)
Utility Station 7NHD
Warehouse Block AlphaD
Loot Lunatic Poetry (oddity)
Abilities Bilocation
Cerebral Trauma
Mental Breakdown
Mental Subversion
Neural Overload
Pseudo-spatial Projection
Psi-cognitive Interruption
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Initiative: 15

Lunatic Psychopaths are generic Lunatics who use a wide range of Thought Control abilities and wield knives. They like to hang out in stealth hoping to catch you off-guard.

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