Deploy second T-ray emitter

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Deploy second T-ray emitter

T-ray emitter 2.png
Quest information
Location Core City Upper Metro Station
Given by Principal Investigator Schteff
Rewards 6000 classic XP / 3 oddity XP
500 or 700 Stygian Coin
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Deploy first T-ray emitter

This time you'll have to deploy a long-range T-Ray Emitter. No radio comms to help you locate a good spot.


  • Principal Investigator Schteff wants you to deploy one more T-ray emitter, but this time at Core City Upper Underrail station. Find a secluded place where no one could find it and deploy it there.


This time you must deploy a T-ray emitter at Core City Upper Metro Station.

You can find a big pile of junk at the corner of a room in the station underpass (the room immediately UNDER the metro station). A perfect spot for hiding the emitter.

As soon as you deploy the device, a bunch of punks appears - Johnny Filth, Mullock and Drek. You can deal with them with Persuasion (45 effective skill required) or Intimidate (65 effective skill required) or old-fashioned violent way. They also let you go if you said you work for science and give them 1000 Stygian Coins, or 500 with enough Mercantile skill (35 effective skill required). Hide your true reason and they will only ask 500 or 200 with enough Mercantile skill (75 effective skill required).

Since Mullock is a crossbow user, player with low initiative may want to pay them first, get a better tactical position, then kill them all to get your money back.

Once the device is securely in place, return to Schteff.

If you say you have been robbed, you will get extra 200 charons for that, even if you already killed them all and got your money back.