Strange tremors

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Strange tremors

Tunneler tunnel in west wing.png
Quest information
Location Institute of Tchort
Given by Start of the tremors
Rewards 3000+3000 classic XP / 1+2 oddity XP

At some point during your stay in the Institute, strange tremors begin shaking it...


  • Strange tremors have begun shaking the Institute of Tchort. Maybe you should investigate the cause.
  • Find out why the Faceless have appeared in the west wing.
  • Escape Institute of Tchort before the Faceless overrun it!


Either complete all the jobs Mediant Samuel has for you or complete enough jobs for the Investigation section. You will be given an opportunity to talk with Eidein and join the section you worked for.

When talking to Eidein about joining either Preservation or Investigation, the tremors will begin and he sends you to investigate. Physics department can inform you about the source of the tremors - somewhere in the west wing.

Inside west wing, head go west then south until you come across a faceless tunneler squad. If you saved the Injured Faceless in Core City, you will meet him here and he will give you a warning about the impending faceless invasion. If not, you'll have to either sneak or fight your way past the group, into the tunnel where they came from and peek at the faceless invasion force.

After you've seen the large faceless invasion group, return to Eidein. Inform him of the faceless group (1 oddity XP) and about the invasion force (2 oddity XP). Afterwards, you are to follow Eidein to the elevator north of his office.

The tremors and subsequent faceless invasion can also be triggered in a couple of other ways, but these stop you from finishing this quest for the Tchortists:

  • Attack any of the tchortists inside the Institute, turning the entire Institute hostile. This will start the tremors and the invasion starts as soon as you make your way to the cargo elevator.
  • Find your way to a cargo elevator at the east end of the utility section, below Eidein's office. Either hack the elevator controls (120 hacking needed) or pickpocket Elevator Key Card from Eidein.