Cytosine Outpost

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Cytosine OutpostControlled zone

Tchortists outpost in Deep Cavern.
Location information
Music Dark Tunnels
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Cytosine Outpost
Eidein's Passage
Connections Hollow Earth
Mutagen Tanks
NPCs Rassophore Prevlic
Harmost Stavros

Cytosine Outpost is a location in Deep Caverns.


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Cytosine Outpost is the tchortist outpost in Deep Caverns. It is located directly below Institute of Tchort and connected to it via an elevator. A small detachment of Institute preservation forces, led by Harmost Stavros, are stationed there.

Electronically locked storage room in the outpost can be opened with 130 effective Hacking or by using code given by Harmost for completing his first quest. It contains most notably one Hydraulic Fluid Canister, Universal Mechanics Tool Set, Psionic Mentor: Electrokinetic Imprint and three TNT Charges.

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