Return the Reaching Man

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Return the Reaching Man
Main Storyline

Reaching Man in Emporion mall.png
Quest information
Location Emporion Shopping Mall
Given by Efreitor Denzil
Rewards 4000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Related quests
Infiltrate Tchortist ranks

Praepostor interview

Efreitor Denzil sends you on a mission he thought would be impossible, simply to get rid of you.


  • Efreitor Denzil wants you to find a missing figurine he suspects was stolen by the lunatics. The figurine is made of metal and depicts a man reaching up for the surface.


Lunatics did indeed steal the Metal Figurine that is the Reaching Man.

Make your way to Emporion Shopping Mall. It's just west of University station.

The statue can be found on a table inside a small diner at the northeast corner of the upper floor, right next to Vanga and another lunatic.