The Faceless

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The Faceless or Tunnelers are a mysterious group whom no one in Underrail knows much about.


They are nomadic people of the Deeps. People around these parts call them 'tunnelers' because they are known to dig wide sprawling tunnels throughout the underground, connecting remote places of the Underrail. Some say they have a huge city in the middle of the Deep Caverns that you can reach if you follow the longest of their tunnels. Some also call them 'the Faceless' because they believe that under their huge masks they have no face.

Old Jonas

Old Jonas also claims he has personally met some and while they are very dangerous, they aren't always hostile. They reside in the Deep Caverns far below Lower Underrail, but they are occasionally seen in Lower Underrail.

They usually keep to themselves, but they recently attacked Core City for unknown reasons. Single tunneler groups of Faceless can be encountered near Rail Crossing and Foundry, seaching for something from the local merchants. The Core City invasion is related to the same mysterious item, which was in the possession of Cornell and his gang Acid Hunters at the time the Core City attacks occurred.


The Faceless are the continuation of escaped test subjects from the Hollow Earth Incident which lead to the abandonment of the Hollow Earth facility in the Deep Caverns. This uprising is implied to have been lead by Dr Austein's assistant Otis, a former test subject. This incident lead to the eventual creation of Tchort as Biocorp scientists who were thrown into the mutagen tanks during the uprising merged into a single entity that would become Tchort.

The Faceless Commander at Talos Outpost claims to have not existed at that point implying that they possess some method of replenishing their ranks. The Faceless Doctor monitoring Lora Baker strongly rejects the idea they augment regular humans into Faceless by force. The Faceless Commander mentions that their neural activity makes them more susceptible to the influence of Tchort.

Known faceless forces