Faceless Doctor

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Faceless Doctor

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Faction The Faceless
Role Faceless medics
Location Near Foundry
Near Core City
Deep Caverns
Talos Outpost
Loot Faceless Mask Fragment
Abilities Infusion buffs
Heals other Faceless
Administers drugs to other Faceless
Immune to poison
Quick Pockets
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 25
Action Points: 50

Faceless Doctors are the field medics of the Faceless. They use Infusion buffs and heal other Faceless troops by using all sorts of drugs such as Adrenaline Shots or Morphine Shots on them. They usually carry an Acid Blob Pistol for offense and a Flashbang.

One can be met in the Faceless group near Foundry, and more of them can be seen with the larger Faceless groups assaulting Core City. They can also be encountered patrolling with other faceless in Deep Caverns.