Psionic Transceiver

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Psionic Transceiver.png
Psionic Transceiver
A weird-looking scrappy psionic headband that amplifies your psionic abilities by tuning into emanations of nearby psionics. This is not without its consequences, however, as this feels quite unnatural and disturbing.
Armor penalty: 5%
Equip: Psionic skills increased by 10-30
Equip: Resolve decreased by 20%
Equip: Grants 10-20 skill bonus to all psionic skills for each other psionic user in the vicinity.
Durability: 870 / 870 - 1770 / 1770 (electronic)
Weight: 3.00
Value: ???

Psionic Transceiver is a randomized item and a monster infrequent.


This item is not craftable. Randomized items are items with variable stats that, unlike generated items, cannot be crafted. Their stats are not derived from component quality or level, instead they are randomized.


Occasionally carried by Lunatics.