Cyclop's Eye

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Cyclop's Eye.png
Cyclop's Eye
A helmet engineered specifically to amplify one psi ability at the expense of versatility.
Energy: 5% / 5
Equip: Plasma beam damage increased by 70%
Equip: Psionic critical chance increased by 15%
Equip: Psi ability psi cost decreased by 30%
Equip: Perception increased by 1
Equip: Dodge decreased by 25%
Equip: Cannot have more than 1 psi slots
Durability: 870 / 870 (electronic)
Weight: 0.30
Value: 5000

Cyclop's Eye is an item.


This item is not craftable.


Rarely sold by any merchant that sells goggles. As with any unique item, this one doesn't disappear from the merchant's inventory until bought.