Hypno Goggles

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Hypno Goggles.png
Hypno Goggles
Weird goggles with comically large pair of lenses with a spiraling pattern.
Equip: Thought Control critical chance increased by 3%
Equip: Persuasion increased by 10
Equip: Dodge decreased by 25%
- Will 5
Special abilities:

Hypnotize.png Hypnotize: attempts to incapacitate a humanoid target for 2 turns. Chance to succeed depends on the invoker's persuasion and the target's resolve. Uses 20 energy.

Energy: 100
Durability: 200 / 200 (electronic)
Weight: 0.25
Value: 5000

Hypno Goggles is a randomized item. Grants the Hypnotize special ability.

NOTE: this item can be equipped without meeting its base skill requirement, but it won't provide any on equip effects.


This item is not craftable. Randomized items are items with variable stats that, unlike generated items, cannot be crafted. Their stats are not derived from component quality or level, instead they are randomized.

The infobox on this page shows the item with its default stats.

Hypno Goggles can give up to 30 Persuasion depending on the randomized stats.


  • Sold by Ola, the JKK quartermaster.