Coretech Tactical Respirator

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Coretech Tactical Respirator.png
Coretech Tactical Respirator
The CT M-TR3-SL is a high-tech respirator which sports a pair of hybrid smart lenses, while also providing some protection to the face of the wearer.
Mechanical: 2% / 1
Bio: 25% / 13
Armor penalty: 5%
Equip: Damage of special attacks with ranged weapons increased by 25% (this does not affect unconditional special attacks)
Equip: Detection increased by 50%
Durability: 1230 / 1230 (electronic)
Weight: 0.70
Value: 2000

Coretech Tactical Respirator is a helmet.


This item is not craftable.


  • Given by Harlan, when accepting to join Coretech and get your first mission