Lemurian Security Marine Armor

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Lemurian Security Marine Armor.png
Lemurian Security Marine Armor
Armor Suit
A full suit of body armor that used to be worn by the Lemurian marine troops. While both the suit and the helmet are in good condition, some of the latter's integrated systems are no longer functional, namely the HUD targeting aid and combat feed, as well as the underwater breathing unit. The air filtration system is, however, still operational and provides moderate biohazard protection.
Mechanical: 22% / 15
Cold: 35% / 25
Energy: 25% / 15
Bio: 40% / 15
Armor penalty: 25%
Equip: Increases stability when riding jet skis by 10%
Equip: Action points increased by 5 when riding a jet ski
Durability: 1410 / 1410 (fabric)
Weight: 6.00
Value: 15000

Lemurian Security Marine Armor is a unique armor suit.


This item is not craftable.