Praetorian Chestguard

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Praetorian Chestguard.png
Praetorian Chestguard
Armor Suit
Also referred to as "tactical cuirass". This is the lighter version of Praetorian enforcer armor and is essentially a hybrid between the standard metal and riot armor, designed primarily to protect the chest while still allowing for some mobility. It sports a pair of sturdy metal shin guards for when the further dissuasion of a downed opponent is warranted... which is often.
Mechanical: 30% / 10
Heat: 10% / 5
Energy: 15% / 7
Minimal strength: 5
Mechanical damage threshold increased by 50% against melee attacks.

Mechanical damage threshold increased by 75% against bullets and shotgun shells.
Armor penalty: 50%
Equip: Health increased by 10
Equip: Persuasion increased by 10
Equip: Intimidation increased by 10
Durability: 1230 / 1230 (mechanical)
Weight: 15.00
Value: 5000

Praetorian Chestguard is an armor suit.


This item is not craftable.


  • Given by Lieutenant Stratford, when accepting to join Praetorian Security and get your first mission