Tchortist Bioscrubber

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Tchortist Bioscrubber.png
Tchortist Bioscrubber
This experimental mask uses filters filled with microbial electrolysis cells that perform gas "scrubbing" (impurity removal) and break down certain harmful substances into inert and beneficial ones. The filters can last for years, but they do need their battery recharged in order to apply electric current to these cells, which keeps the process going.
Bio: 40% / 20
Equip: Restores 10-30 health each turn while standing inside a toxic gas cloud at the cost of up to 6 energy. The healing amount depends on the thickness of the cloud and the energy cost depends on the healing amount. Cannot heal above 75% of the maximum health. Does not work while frozen or chilled.
Equip: Total health increased by 5%
Equip: All healing effects increased by 20%
Equip: All bio damage taken reduced by 25%
Equip: Perception decreased by 2
Equip: Detection decreased by 50%
Energy: 100 / 100
Durability: 1590 / 1590 (electronic)
Weight: 1.50
Value: 6000

Tchortist Bioscrubber offers excellent protection against biological damage in general and toxic gas clouds in particular.


This item is not craftable.


It can be found on a dead Tchortist in a sewer pit in the Core City Sewers, which can be accessed after Phreak's questline, but only if the player did not kill the Robed Figure near the Research Facility.