Master Demolitionist Belt

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Master Demolitionist Belt.png
Master Demolitionist Belt
It takes a lot of courage to wear this belt, let alone use it. One should think once or twice about it before doing so.
Equip: Grants 3 extra utility slots
Equip: Immune to fear.
Equip: Intimidation increased by 20
Equip: Agility decreased by 1
Equip: Movement points reduced by 10
Equip: Persuasion decreased by 30
Equip: Action point cost of throwing grenades increased by 10
Special abilities:

Boom!.png Boom!: Instantly activate one of each grenade in your belt.

Weight: 2.00
Value: 3000

Master Demolitionist Belt is a special belt that allows the player to activate all the grenades in their combat utility slots at once, directly at their feet.


This item is not craftable.


Carried by Master Skull Smasher in the Core City Sewers; he can only be encountered while playing on the Dominating difficulty. The area it can be found is placed at random in the Core City Sewers if it spawned instead of the final floor of the Utility Tower

Tips & Tricks

  • Grenades explode from left to right in the order placed in the combat utility bar. A Stingball Grenade can be placed first to stun and set the evasion of affected enemies in the blast radious to 0 and increase the damage dealt by subsequent detonations in the chain. Similarly, a Flashbang can be placed last to incapacitate targets at the end of the detonation.
  • Quick Pockets allow the detonation of an additional grenade
  • When detonated via Boom! Gas Grenades will simply fall directly on your feet and will disperse as usual.

Boom! icon

Instantly activate one of each grenade in your belt.
Action Points: 10
Cooldown: 6 turns