Undersized Buckle Shoes

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Buckle Boots.png
Undersized Buckle Shoes
A pair of elegantly simple leather shoes featuring a metal buckle. Unfortunately, the shoes are quite a few sizes too small, which makes wearing them painfully uncomfortable experience.
Mechanical: 5% / 5
Armor penalty: 50%
Equip: Agility decreased by 3
Equip: Movement points reduced by 20

Equip: Mercantile increased by 15
Equip: Stealth decreased by 500
Durability: 1320 / 1320 (fabric)
Weight: 1.00
Value: 4500

Undersized Buckle Shoes are unique boots that are carried by Luper in Luperchaun random event.


This item is not craftable.


Luperchaun seasonal random event