Industrial Powered Exoskeleton

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Industrial Powered Exoskeleton.png
Industrial Powered Exoskeleton
Armor Suit
A Biocorp Industries full-body powered exoskeleton intended for heavy lifting, construction, mining, and other industrial applications. All units have integrated modular forearm attachment systems and this one has a single heavy-duty drill module under the right arm.

Take care not to tip over when navigating uneven terrain.

Mechanical: 25% / 15
Armor penalty: 85%
Equip: Strength decreased by 1
Equip: Dexterity decreased by 2
Equip: Agility decreased by 4
Equip: Movement speed reduced by 30%
Equip: Immune to caltrops
Special abilities:

Exoskeleton Power.png Exoskeleton Power: Increases strength by 4 and movement points by 40 and negates the Agility and movement speed penalties of the armor. When activated it will immediately drain 10 energy and a additional 5 energy every turn, as well as additional 1 energy for every tile of movement.
Mounted Drill Attack.png Mounted Drill Attack: You attempt to use the mounted drill to hit the target 5 times for 25-40 mechanical damage. Can only be activated when the suits power is on. Costs 20 energy.

Energy: 160
Durability: 1500 / 1500 (Mechanical)

Cannot be recharged in combat

Weight: 25.00
Value: 10000

Industrial Powered Exoskeleton is a unique armor suit.

Its Mounted Drill Attack is capable of clearing out obstacles like rocks and breakable walls. Can only be used with Exoskeleton Power active.


This item is not craftable.


Carried by the Drilldozer boss inside the Abandoned Waterway Facility warehouse.