Chemical Assault Unit Armor

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Chemical Assault Unit Armor.png
Chemical Assault Unit Armor
Armor Suit
This is the armor of Chemical Assault Unit, the most elite Protectorate special force. It's riot gear type armor specially designed to be worn in biohazardous conditions. Protectorate insignias, depicting a clenched spiky metal fist against red and black background, are sewn onto the armbands.
Mechanical: 25% / 10
Acid: 80% / 35
Bio: 50% / 20
Mechanical damage threshold increased by 100% against bullets and shotgun shells.

Mechanical damage resistance and threshold increased by 100% against melee attacks.
Armor penalty: 30%
Equip: Intimidation increased by 10
Equip: Damage of Cooked Shot increased by 20%
Durability: 1770 / 1770 (mechanical)
Weight: 7.50
Value: 10000

This is the armor of Protectorate's Chemical Assault Unit. It improves the Cooked Shot feat.


Wearing it anywhere near Free Drones Base causes the residents to mistake you for the Chemical Assault Unit member and attack.


This item is not craftable.


  • During Protectorate questline, one suit is obtained from Fraser at the later time after completing Gas the drones quest. It is a gift from Captain Mareth.
  • During Free Drones questline, the chemical assault unit will be in Epione Lab if an alarm is triggered during Destroy troop elevator quest.


Underrail 1.1

  • - Changed the riot gear mechanical damage resistance and threshold bonuses against melee attacks to 100% (up from 75%). Will be applied retroactively.

Underrail 1.0

  • - will now also increase the damage of Cooked Shot by 20%

Underrail Alpha