Old Mining Helmet

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Old Mining Helmet.png
Old Mining Helmet
It's an old dusty mining helmet with a broken headlight. The initials "IH" are written on the inside.
Equip: Chance to get critically hit reduce by 2.00%
Durability: 870 / 870 (mechanical)
Weight: 3.00
Value: 1

Old Mining Helmet is a unique helmet.


The helmet most likely belonged to Isaac Hathor, the founder of Hathor Mine.

It can be given to the leatherworker Fredd at Camp Hathor after you listen to his history lesson for a small monetary reward of 200 charons, or 500 charons with 60 effective Mercantile, 1000 charons with 100. Alternatively with 85 baseVerify Persuasion you can convince him to trade his workbench for it.


This item is not craftable.


Found near miner's corpse in the Labyrinth of Deep Caverns.