Biohazard Suit

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Biohazard Suit.png
Biohazard Suit
Armor Suit
This whole-body garment protects from most conventional and unconventional biohazards.
Acid: 50% / 25
Bio: 100%
Armor penalty: 85%
Equip: Movement speed reduced by 20%
Equip: Action points reduced by 10
Equip: Perception decreased by 2
Weight: 15.00
Value: 1500

Biohazard Suit is an armor suit.


This heavy suit provides complete immunity to Bio damage and high Acid damage resistance/threshold. It provides no protection against damage from poisons, which bypasses armor if the attack delivering poison isn't completely stopped by armor threshold.[1] It is significantly heavier and comes with much harsher penalties than Biotechnician's Suit and Gas Mask.

Also provides immunity to Mutagen D5 gas clouds


This item is not craftable.