Tesla Armor

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Tesla Armor.png
Tesla Armor
Armor Suit
A high-end powered armor. From what you can gather, the suit is made from electroactive materials that exhibit changes in behavior and even physical structure when stimulated by an electric field. Controlling the resulting effects is not such a simple task, as the controls are poorly-labeled and unintuitive, implying that this suit was likely a one-off experimental prototype.
Mechanical: 40% / 25
Electricity: 85% / 55
Armor penalty: 40%
Equip: Electrokinesis damage increased by 15%
Equip: Grants 15% bonus damage to energy pistol attacks.
Equip: Stealth decreased by 1000
  • Intelligence 6
Special abilities:

Electroshock Aura.png Electroshock Aura: When activated it will drain 5 energy from the armor and hit adjacent characters for 25-50 electricity damage at the end of every turn at the cost of additional 3 energy per character. This will occur at the start of the wearer's turn instead of at the end. Additionally, whenever the wearer is attacked by a melee attack, the attacker will be hit by the same electrical damage at the same energy cost. Whenever this aura deals electrical damage, there's 25% chance the target will be stunned for 1 turn.

Electroactive Flexibility.png Electroactive Flexibility: When activated it will drain 5 energy each turn in order to reduce the wearer's overall armor penalty by 35%.

Energy Shield Empowerment.png Energy Shield Empowerment: When activated it will drain 5 energy each turn in order to increase all energy shielding values by 30%.

Energy: 200
Durability: 360 / 360 (electronic)
Weight: 10.00
Value: 15000

Tesla Armor is a unique armor suit.

NOTE: this item can be equipped without meeting its base skill requirement, but it won't provide any on equip effects.


This item is not craftable.


LEMCO, Black Sea grid coordinate J1.