Rathound Regalia

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Rathound Regalia.png
Rathound Regalia
Armor Suit
While it doesn't offer much protection, just wearing this primitive armor awakens your primal instincts of a pack animal on the hunt.
Mechanical: 20% / 5
Cold: 10% / 5
Equip: Strength increased by 1
Equip: Stealth increased by 25
Equip: Movement points increased by 10
Equip: Movement speed increased by 10%
Equip: Immune to fear.
Equip: All heat damage taken increased by 100%
Durability: 1320 / 1320 (fabric)
Weight: 3.00
Value: 1000

The Rathound Regalia is a unique armor suit.


This regalia has some additional effects in addition to the ones listed.

  • Wild rathounds will be friendly towards you while you're wearing it. However, tamed rathounds such as Augmented Rathounds and the rathounds used in Arena matches will still attack you normally.
  • Wearing it anywhere near Camp Hathor causes the residents to mistake you for the Rathound King and attack.
  • The fight with Jookhela in Core City Sewers can be avoided by wearing it.
  • In Underrail: Expedition expansion, Yngwar will be fond of the suit.


This item is not craftable.



  • constitution bonus removed
  • decreased mechanical resistance from 25% to 20%, doubled heat damage taken
  • introduced