Makeshift Chrono-repeater

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Makeshift Chrono-repeater.png
Makeshift Chrono-repeater
This jumble of cables and antennas might be an attempt to create a psionic headband version of chrono-repeater, a device that should, theoretically, be able to perfectly echo same event throughout time with minimal energy supply, creating a sort of near perpetuum mobile.

This implementation, however, is only able to repeat its temporal scrambling, and only occassionaly.
Armor penalty: 5%
Equip: Psi ability psi cost decreased by 15%
Equip: Temporal Manipulation increased by 20
Equip: Temporal Distortion damage increased by 15%
Equip: Grants 25% chance to apply additional stack when invoking Temporal Distortion
Equip: Perception decreased by 3
Equip: Other psionic skills decreased by 20
Durability: 870 / 870 (electronic)
Weight: 3.00
Value: 5000

Makeshift Chrono-repeater is a unique experimental psionic headband.


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This item is not craftable.


Worn by jet ski bandit Santoniatto, in the Meatway Ambush event.