Electroinvestigative Belt

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Electroinvestigative Belt.png
Electroinvestigative Belt
This belt comes with highly advanced miniaturized equipment for maintenance and assembly of electronic devices. Feels like wearing a workshop around your waist.
Equip: Grants 2 extra utility slots
Equip: Electronics increased by 15
Equip: Increases critical chance of crafted energy pistols by 2%
Equip: All energy damage taken reduced by 15%
Equip: Agility decreased by 1
- Electronics 50
Weight: 1,00
Value: 5000

Chemoinvestigative Belt is a unique belt.

This item can be equipped without meeting its base skill requirement, but it won't provide any on equip effects.


This item is not craftable.


When being interviewed by Eidein, tell him you would like to become an assistant investigator, then specify the Department of Physics.