Warm Trapper Hat

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Warm Trapper Hat.png
Warm Trapper Hat
A handmade hat made out of several layers. The outside fur is made out of ancient rathound leather. The insides are made out of high-strength, bulletproof thermoplastic polypropylene composite material. Equipped with shaded visor.
Mechanical: 5% / 2
Heat: 7% / 5
Cold: 15% / 10
Armor penalty: 20%
Equip: Chance to get critically hit by weapon and unarmed attacks reduced by 4.00%
Equip: Constitution increased by 1
Equip: Fortitude increased by 20
Equip: Immune to blindness.
Equip: Perception reduced by 1
Equip: Detection decreased by 15%
Durability: 1590 / 1590 (mechanical)
Weight: 1.30
Value: 7500

Warm Trapper Hat is a unique helmet.


This item is not craftable.


Can be found in the Utility Tower, on a corpse one level below the bossfight, a nearby bonfire must be lit in order for the corpse to become interactable.