Tissue sample collection

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Tissue sample collection

Rathounds near outposts.png
Quest information
Location South Gate Station level 8
Given by Quinton
Rewards 500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
One free Metathermics psi ability
(Two with 20 Mercantile)

When you ask Quinton about psi training, he wants you to do a task for him. You can talk him to teaching you a skill for free, or two skills if you pass 20 Mercantile skill check. This sidequest can easily be done while working on retake the outposts.


  • Shoot a rathound with a bolt Quinton gave you and collect a tissue sample


Equip the Putrefying Bolts in your utility slots and a crossbow in your hand. Find a rathound and shoot it with the bolts from utility slots. You don't have to kill the rathound with putrefying bolts, simply hitting it with at least one bolt should be enough. Collect Putrefied Rathound Tissue from the remains and return to Quinton.