Hollow Earth

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Hollow EarthUncontrolled zone

Old decrepit Biocorp research complex. It seems to have met a gruesome end.
Location information
Music Dark Tunnels
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Hollow Earth research complex
Mutagen Tanks A gate
Mutagen Tanks B gate
Connections Deep Caverns
Cytosine Outpost
Mutagen Tanks
Tithonus Laboratory
Caerus Residential Block
Warehouse Block 2
NPCs none
Map file(s) dc-tw, dc-vp, dc-la1, dc-la2

Hollow Earth is a location in Deep Caverns.


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Hollow Earth was old Biocorp's vast research complex located far below the Underrail network in Deep Caverns. The research complex itself consists of four large main zones and all surrounding infrastructure serves the research complex's needs. Mutagen experiments were performed at the Mutagen Tanks in north, Caerus Residential Block in the southeast housed the research complex personnel, DC Warehouse Blocks to the east were used for storage and Arke Power Station just north of the warehouses provided power for the whole complex. Inaccessible areas that used to be part of the research complex during original Biocorp's heyday include BCAF - Detachment Hollow Earth and Tartarus Maximum Security Prison somewhere deeper underground.

Hollow Earth was built centuries ago by the original Biocorp, and subsequently abandoned following the Hollow Earth Incident.

Hollow Earth's main connections to Underrail above it are three elevators. University elevator which leads to the Institute of Tchort, Lower Underrail elevator which leads to Hanging Rat and south elevator which leads to BCAF installation S-8, nowadays known as South Gate Station.

Most of the research complex lay in ruins after decades of battles between Tchortists and the Faceless over the control of Nucleus. The situation as the player enters Deep Caverns is a stalemate, with the Faceless unable to advance due to Tchort's influence and the Tchortists weak due to a recent Faceless assault and being cut off from the Institute.

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