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Role Hacker
Location Abandoned Core City facility
Loot Remote Control Energizer Glove
Abilities Bone Breaker
Cheap Shots
Dirty Kick

Phreak (also known as Mit Draper and Old Hacker) is a hacker from North Underrail currently residing in Core City. He is an extremely elusive figure whose style of hacking is brute-forcing something until it works. He is hiding out in an abandoned facility full of Coil Spiders, and to reach him the player has to activate all the EMP generators in the facility. It is noteworthy that performing this quest-line allows the player to bypass doing any main story quest for the Oligarchs.

Player Interactions

Before he is even met, the player can find several orange phone boxes in Lower Underrail that (usually with certain hacking and electronics skills) can give insight into Phreak's handiwork and interactions with the Protectorate, Lunatics and Ironheads.

To reach him, the player either has to get in Motion 6 times or to have enough Perception to find either the ladder entrance in the south-west of the middle level or the pipe entrance in the Utility section of the passages. If the player has performed enough quests for any of the Oligarchs, he will be missing (along with most of his rewards) and only his laptop may be found.

The player may eventually find him and be tasked to retrieve a set of heavy-duty cables from the Acid Hunters' lair, potentially also unlocking a trap door leading directly near their hideout. For finishing this quest, he will give the player the Camera Jammer. After that, the player is tasked to retrieve two items from two different hideouts in Upper Underrail, for which he grants the Orange Box to complete the sound-based puzzles. Afterwards, the player will be tasked to turn on as many boilers as possible in the abandoned facility in order to stress-test the system. Doing so will enable a path leading directly to the Research Facility and to the Abomination's Lair, but it is dangerous as there are both a robot (likely varying in difficulty, up to an Industrial Robot) and several Death Stalkers.

By the end of his quest-line he may also allow the player to buy Contact-Activated Capacitative Sheets and forged Underrail Express Tickets. Additionally, with 50 effective Persuasion, he can be convinced to grant the player several extra minutes in the Gauntlet.

Phreak's rewards depend on whether the player already knows about him and general respect during conversations. Knowing about Phreak ahead of time (or passing his Persuasion check in dialogue, 85 effective skill) and not insulting him will unlock all 3 rewards (Camera Jammer, CACS and forged Underrail Express Tickets)

As a side-interaction the player can talk about how Phreak should learn to use the cutting-edge Haxxors that he will scoff at, but if the player has the Huxkey its design completely takes Phreak by surprise.

If the player turns Phreak hostile via dialogue the player has several options to make use of base stats to counter-attack. A successful counter-attack will severely damage and daze Phreak regardless of the methodVerify, but a failed counter-attack will damage and stun the player instead.


Doing enough quests for any of the Oligarchs will cause Phreak to end up in a number of scenarios:

  • Doing Coretech's quests will end up with him hired by Coretech and found on the second floor of their headquarters.
  • Doing JKK's quests will end up with him randomly found in Core City Upper Underrail Metro Station in an extremely dizzied state, infected by a "mind-virus" through one of JKK's Tri-Monitors.
  • Doing Praetorian Security's quests will end up with him beaten up and locked in a medical room behind Heidi. Notably however you can free him, but he will not be later found in his hideout.