Warehouse Block 2

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Warehouse Block 2Uncontrolled zone

A series of storage facilities.
Location information
Music Dark Tunnels
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Warehouse Block 2
Toxic Storage
Connections Deep Caverns
Caerus Residential Block
Hollow Earth
Talos Outpost
Arke Power Station
NPCs Faceless patrols

Warehouse Block 2 is a location in Deep Caverns.


One of two large warehouse blocks situated east of Hollow Earth, currently under faceless control and the only accessible warehouse block. Warehouse Block 1 is buried under a cave-in.

The warehouses contain large quantities of high-quality equipment and components, presumably remnants from Old Biocorp era. The warehouse area is safe for anyone on good terms with the faceless, excluding the interior of toxic storage.

Enemies and other hazards


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