Hecate Research Outpost

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Hecate Research OutpostUncontrolled zone

Old research lab, now used for... other purposes.
Location information
Music Lab Results
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas Floor 1
Floor 2
Connections Lower Underrail
NPCs none
Map file(s) hro1, hro2

Hecate Research Outpost is a location in Lower Underrail.


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HRO is a small research facility that belonged to Old Biocorp before it was abandoned during Core City riots. It is located in Lower Underrail 5 zones east of Core City Gates and two north. There are two stories to the building; the first is mostly safe aside from some gas in the room with a dead mutant, along with a cafeteria containing Crawlers; the second is infested with Coil Spiders however.



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