Hephaestus Research

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Hephaestus ResearchUncontrolled zone

Old research lab, now used for... other purposes.
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Dungeon information
Music Cornered
Located in Upper Caves
Areas East side (outer facility)
West side (inner facility)
Connections Upper Caves
NPCs Brady, Protectorate Heavy Gunner, Protectorate Shock Trooper, Worker
Map file(s) lux-b1

Hephaestus Research is a dungeon in upper caves. It can be found by heading north from Milton's camp, west from the next area and south from the next, or by taking the train to Rail Crossing, heading north to the caves, then two areas east and south from that point on.


Hephaestus Research was a large and advanced research center dedicated purely to robotics. They developed robots for various different roles including military, industrial and medical. It is said that important progress was made there, but it was all forgotten when Biocorp fell apart.

Right before the earthquake at the beginning of the game, Protectorate had dispatched an expedition to Hephaestus Research in hopes of finding advanced robotics technology to use against the Faceless.


Hephaestus Research houses perhaps the largest Burrower infestation in the entire Lower Underrail. The facility is completely overtaken by Burrowers and their Spawn, with massive numbers of them residing in the inner facility. They found their way in after the earthquake.


During the Protectorate questline, the player is tasked to find Hephaestus Research and the lost Protectorate expedition.

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