Tithonus Laboratory

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Tithonus LaboratoryUncontrolled zone

Something very wrong seem to be going on in this lab.
Location information
Music Cornered
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Laboratory
Connections Hollow Earth
Map file(s) dc-tl

Tithonus Laboratory is a location in Deep Caverns.


A long abandoned Biocorp facility formerly dedicated to psionic research. Drs. Wasi Abdul and John Dyson were involved in a project using monolith fragments to project psionic images. Auxiliary power supply to the suspension cells has kept some test subjects somewhat alive.


Access to the backroom is blocked until the terminal is used to turn off the suspension cells. You can either hack the terminal (95 Skill required or use Wasi Abdul's Keycard. Unfortunately turning off the suspension cells will spawn wandering psionic projections. These are vulnerable to electrical damage and have limited vision. The gate to the suspension cell rooms and the storage room can be opened with hacking (70 skill required) or with Yuri Holland's Keycard. Once in the room, interact with each suspension cell outside of combat to disable it and remove the corresponding image.


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