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Incapacitated icon

Cannot move or perform any actions, but any damage taken will remove the effect.
Duration: 1-5 turns

Incapacitated is a fairly common disabling effect which does not provide temporary immunity, meaning incapacitation effects can stunlock the player character or non-player characters. However, direct damage taken will break the effect. Damage from poison, acid spills, electroshocks or bleeding does not remove incapacitation.[1]

Being unable to perform any actions means incapacitated targets cannot act during their turns nor dodge/evade attacks during enemy turns. However, Locus of Control can be used while incapacitated.

Incapacitated targets lose sight of their enemies, allowing for easy re-stealthing or retreating behind a corner. If every enemy in an encounter is incapacitated combat can be ended manually, although it will begin immediately once the incapacitation ends. In this way items and abilities limited to out of combat use can be used in certain scenarios.



The Locus of Control feat can remove and provide temporary immunity to stun, fear, incapacitation, and mind control effects.