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Stunned icon

Cannot move or perform any actions.
Duration: 1-3 turns

Stun is a disabling effect. Basically a stronger variant of Incapacitated, but stunned targets do not lose sight of their enemies. Damage does not remove this effect.

Being unable to perform any actions means stunned targets cannot act during their turns nor dodge/evade attacks during enemy turns. However, Locus of Control can be used while stunned.

Most stuns last for 1 turn but some stuns, such as Dirty Kick on a human male, last longer.


Small electric shocks such as those caused by 5mm Shock Rounds do not stun. Mental damage from abilities such as Neural Overload is also shown as electric damage, but it does not stun.


Second Wind icon

Second Wind
Short term immunity to stun effects.
Duration: 2 turns

Second Wind is caused by expiring stun effects.

Characters with Thick Skull feat are permanently immune to stuns. They become Dazed instead when hit with a stun effect.

The Locus of Control feat can remove and provide temporary immunity to stun, fear, incapacitation, and mind control effects.