Core Chips

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Core Chips.png
Core Chips
A bag of deep-fried root chips. Manufactured in Core City.
Use: When consumed increases weapon and unarmed critical hit chance by 2%. Consuming food will remove effects of previous meals.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Cannot be used in combat
Weight: 0.10
Value: 200

Core Chips is a foodstuff. Increases critical hit chance.

Critical hit chance sources
Source Crit For Type Notes
Weapon, unarmed or psi ability base crit chance
Dexterity Varies Melee attacks Base Ability
Recklessness +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Recklessness +10% Weapons, Unarmed Specialization
Psychosis +15% Psi Feat
Psychosis +10% Psi Specialization
Steadfast Aim Varies Pistols Feat
Survival Instincts +30% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Feat Only when <30% HP
Survival Instincts: Critical Chance +10% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Specialization Only when <30% HP
Scrutinous +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Pellet Mayhem E Varies Shotgun attacks Feat
Body Horror E +3% Weapons, Unarmed Feat Only against fleshy foes
Ambush Varies Ranged weapons Feat Situational
Seeker Goggles Varies Ranged weapons Headwear
Neuroscopic Headband Varies Psi Headwear
Death's Grin E 2% All Headwear
Infused Rathound Leather Armor Varies Weapons, Unarmed Armor Suit
JKK Tactful Jacket +2% Ranged weapons Armor Suit
Coretech Energizing Vest +3% Energy pistol attacks Armor Suit
Phantom Dancer E +3% Sword attacks Armor Suit
Psychophract Exoskeleton HD +3% Psychokinesis and Metathermics psi attacks Armor Suit
Infused Rathound Leather Boots +2% Unarmed attacks and fist weapons Boots
Sørmirbæren Staff-spear E +3% Psi Spear
Høddurform E +5% Psi Spear
Red Dragon E +20% Decapitate Sword
Focus Stim +15% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Drug Temporary
Core Chips +2% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Hardcore Chips +5% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Mystery Candy +5% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Food Temporary
Tattoo: Anarchy +1% Weapons and Unarmed attacks Tattoo
Tattoo: Skulljacked HD +2% Psi Tattoo Only while wearing armor suit with (unmodified) armor penalty of 50% or higher
Escalated Psionic Innervation HD Varies Psychokinesis or Metathermics psi attacks Special ability Temporary