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The status effect UI
For an alphabetical list of status effects, see Category:Status effects.

This page contains an overview of the status effects in Underrail. For more details, see individual status effect pages.


General effects, usually shown on your portrait:

In Combat.png In Combat — Locked in turn-based combat mode. Ends after 4 turns of no hostile actions.
Focused.png Focused — Negates the move and shoot penalty of rifles and crossbows. Lost upon moving for the remainder of that turn.
Level Up.png Level Up — Your character has earned enough experience to advance a level. (Experience earned in Classic XP mode will be calculated from your potential level.)
Regenerating — you slowly regenerate health when above 85% HP.[1]

Equipment status

Item durability/weight penalties, shown under your portrait:

Damaged Armor.png Damaged Armor — 30% or less durability: provides reduced damage resistances/thresholds
Heavily Damaged Armor.png Heavily Damaged Armor — 10% or less durability: also loses On Equip bonuses (any penalties still apply)
Degraded Weapon.png Degraded Weapon — 30% or less durability: reduced precision
Heavily Degraded Weapon.png Heavily Degraded Weapon — 10% or less durability: heavily reduced precision
Encumbered1.png Lightly Encumbered — Over carry capacity: reduced movement speed/points, possibly reduced action points
Encumbered2.png Heavily Encumbered — 25% over carry capacity: heavily reduced movement speed/points, possibly reduced action points
Encumbered3.png Completely Encumbered — 50% over carry capacity: cannot move, possibly reduced action points

These penalties increase linearly.

  • Damaged armor loses a percentage of its resistance/threshold equal to its durability, down to 0% resistances at 0% durability.
  • Degraded weapon loses more precision the more degraded it is, down to -80%.
  • Encumbrance movement speed penalty increases with the amount of weight carried over capacity, down to -100% at 50% over capacity.

Status effects

Underrail has a wide variety of different effects, both beneficial and malicious. These are shown to the right of your or your target's portrait.

They can be split into the following categories for purposes of interactions with many feats. (e.g. Locus of Control and Opportunist)

Stunned characters are unable to act. Stun effects cause temporary immunity when they end, so characters cannot be kept perpetually stunned.
Incapacitated characters are unable to act, but any damage breaks the effect. Unlike stuns, incapacitation effects do not cause temporary immunity when they end.
Also unlike stun, incapacitation causes AI characters to lose sight of their enemies. Incapacitating all hostiles allows the player to restealth and/or break out of combat.
Some fear effects cause panic, making characters flee away from their enemies. Such fear effects cause temporary immunity when they end, so characters cannot be kept perpetually feared.
Mind control
Various mind control effects. Very uncommon. Usually caused with thought control psionics.
Immobile characters are unable to move. Unlike harsher disabling effects, immobilization effects do not cause temporary immunity when they end.
Slowed characters have reduced movement points and movement speed.
Other beneficial and malicious effects
These include effects from inherent abilities like Stealth Mode, assorted effects from many consumables and other items, effects from feats and psi abilities, damage over time (DoT) effects such as Bleeding Wounds and certain Poisons.
Some enemy types also have effects unique to them, for example the Psionic Synergy of psi bug groups, the Anticoagulation of siphoner's attacks and Infusions used by the Faceless.