Core City Sewers

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Core City SewersUncontrolled zone

Cc s1.png
Location information
Music Fatal Vapor
Located in Core City
Areas Sewer tunnels
Cornell's hideout (NW)
Broken generator (NE)
Connections Core City Docks
Zaman's Lair
Core City Underground
Research Facility
NPCs Cornell & his Acid Hunters
Doubletap, Juke (north section)
Map file(s) cc_s1

Core City Sewers form a large part of Core City's lowest level, the docks.


The sewers of Core City. The tunnels travel everywhere under the city, and contain many routes to other areas. Some muties also live down there.

The hiding place of Cornell's gang, Acid Hunters, is hidden in the deepest part of the sewers in northwest, under a large drain pipe. It can be found only after you gain information on it from one of Core City's oligarchs.

The eastern part of the sewers becomes accessible after completing any of the three oligarch's questlines. However, the sewers and connected areas cannot be explored entirely in a single playthrough:

  • Coretech questline leads you to Zaman's Lair, but it can visited at any time without working for Coretech.
  • During JKK questline, the route leading to caves (Core City Underground) becomes accessible. It leads to the back entrance of Coretech warehouse on Core City's lower level. This route also becomes unlocked after the warehouse events of other Core City oligarch questlines.
  • During Praetorian Security questline, The north and northeast areas of the sewers become accessible once you get the Sewer Gate Key. In addition to a broken power generator and the devil rathound Jookhela, the area contains Mysterious Pillars similar to the ones found in Silent Isle.

Sewers entrance

Sewers west

Sewers west, cave entrance

  • The eastern exit leads to area Sewers west
  • The northern exit leads to area Large drain pipe
  • The southeastern exit is locked. It will be opened by Ola if you're on the quest Warehouse (JKK) and leads to Core City Underground, area Leaking mutagen pipes
  • The western area (by the burning barrel) is inhabited by several Muties and Mutated Dogs
  • To the north of the burning barrel is a barrel that contains an Empty Mutagen Container oddity, 2 XP
  • There is a dead corpse in the NW corner (Luben's Burned Corpse)
  • Can be fished in this area: Slackjaw, Pentapus

Large drain pipe

Chambers 1

  • Accessed from the area Large drain pipe
  • The northwest corner has a pile of junk (not highlighted with the tab key) containing a Scrapture oddity, 1 XP

Chambers 2

Chambers 3-4

  • Accessed from the area Large drain pipe
  • The 2 chambers are linked with tunnels ihabited by Crawlers and Death Stalkers
  • In the center of the tunnels is a pile of junk containing a Three-Eyed Skull oddity, 3 XP

Chambers 5

  • Accessed from the area Large drain pipe
  • You may be attacked by a Siphoner jumping out of the sewer waters

Enemies and other hazards


All three of Core City's oligarchs want to find Cornell's gang for their own reasons:

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