Hathor Mine

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Hathor Mine

Old coal mine.
Area information
Music Subterranon
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Outside
Lower floor
Upper floor
Connections Camp Hathor
NPCs none
Map file(s) cv17

Hathor Mine is the old coal mine of Camp Hathor.


An old, flooded and abandoned mine to the north of the camp. Camp Hathor was originally founded to house miners that worked in Hathor coal mine. The mine used to be rich until the miners dug into an underground river.

The recent earthquake has allowed burrowers to dig their way into the mine.

Mine Entrance


  • Has a severalBurrowers and Spawns
  • A box on the west side of the galleries (before reaching the ladder) contains an Old Diver's Helmet oddity, 2 XP
  • The dead man in the nesting area to the west only has standard loot (overcoat, pistol...), so it's not useful to go there
  • The nesting area can be flooded from the above floor

Mine upper floor


  • Burrower emergency: Burrowers found their way into the old flooded mine after the earthquake.

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